Omg! Ive never felt this way befor its a uring for more like no other and I want to write about him but he makes me so speechless

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Im so in love with life right now im so flustered

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This feeling is the worst. Its not even a feeling… its complete numbness to everything. I dont know how to react of what to do or say… I kinda just wanna sit in a cold room till it gets warm if that makes sense…. he really caught me. I dont even feel ashamed for saying that but I feel like if I told him that he would be ashamed. Ashamed of everything. Ashamed of me… is that bad.? But is it worst if I said idk just something about him makes me not care! I dont care if he plays me atleast I had him when I want but I still want him and I dont know if he wants me anymore? Ughh so lost. So confused. So numb .so emotionless. Whats wrong with me. Why cant someone just truly love me and why cant I love them back? Endless questions

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*cough* have sex with me *cough*

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I think I caught it! Ohh noo why does this have to happen

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I did not like seeing him upset today……. not shure how I even feel about that!

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I loved you
harder than I hated
and that’s how
I knew I was
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When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.

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This changed me.

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I laughed way too hard at this
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